March 27: Charlotte Pence, daughter of former US Vice President Mike Pence, speaks at the March for Life 2021 Romania – “United for Life”

Charlotte Pence Bond is 27. She is an important voice of the US pro-life movement and a model for young people who get involved in pro-life activities. In 2020, at the March for life youth rally in Washington, DC, Charlotte Pence Bond declared: “My reasons are founded in my faith, they’re grounded in the fact that I was taught the value of human life. But they’re also backed up by other things. They’re backed up by science. … Science continues to prove that life begins earlier and earlier than previously thought.”

She graduated with a double major in Digital Cinema – Screenwriting, and English – Creative Writing from DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media in June 2016. On September 2020, Pence was attending her second year at the Harvard Divinity School, for a master’s degree.

The first book Charlotte Pence Bond authored was Where you go: Life Lessons from My Father. Launched in October 2018, the book presents the lessons learned from her father, US Vice President Mike Pence. Through her favorite childhood memories and the intense moments spent with her father in the electoral campaign, for instance while she helped him prepare for his electoral debates, Charlotte offered a convincing story about love, hope and overcoming adversity.

She is the host of Doubting It with Charlotte Pence Bond podcast.

Charlotte Pence Bond is a contributor to The Christian Post and her articles are published in The Washington Times, The Federalist, Glamour and US Weekly, to name just a few. She was also on many TV channels, like Fox News, CNN, OANN, PBS și CBS. Charlotte Pence Bond is a member of the National Advisory Board for Students for Life of America.

The March for Life Romania 2021 “United for Life” brings to the public testimonials about pregnancy crisis and surprise guests. The event will be hosted by Cristina Teleanu and it will conclude with the “Live for Life” concert featuring Iustina Irimia-Cenușă, Ioana Picoș and Maria Coman.

The online March for Life 2021 Romania – “United for Life” is organized by the associations Studenți pentru viață (“Student for Life”, a pro-life students association from Romania) and România pentru viață (Romania for Life).

The March for Life is apolitical and non-confessional and it does not ask for a ban on abortion.

The event will start on Saturday, March 27, at 12:00 (Romania time) and it will be broadcast live on the following Facebook pages: Trinitas TV, Agenția de Știri Basilica și Marșul pentru viață România și Republica Moldova.

Read here the press release of the March for Life Romania 2021 – “United for Life”.

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